Prescription Discount

This program is being provided to you and your family to help lower your prescription drug costs. Simply create and print your free prescription drug card below and receive savings of up to 75% (discounts average roughly 30%) at more than 56,000 national and regional pharmacies. This card can be used as your primary plan and/or it can be used on prescriptions not covered by your insurance plan.

This program also includes other value added programs, which will be listed on the card. Please enter your name and email address in the box below and we will generate a printable membership card for you (no application / enrollment or eligibility required).

This program has “lowest price” logic to guarantee that you get the best deal on your prescriptions. (You pay the lower of a discount off average wholesale price (AWP), discount off MAC pricing or pharmacy promotional / retail price). This card is pre-activated and can be used immediately!

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Need to order hard copies of cards for your friends, family, members or employees? Visit the United Networks of America website, enter the Group # TWNCHESTRX, and follow the instructions to order your own personal cards online. You can even customize the cards by adding your own logo image to the cards!

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