Police Commission


  • 5 P.M.
  • 2nd Thursday of each month
  • Town Hall
    726 Broadway
    Chesterton, IN 46304

The Police Commission holds additional open meetings and executive (closed) sessions as required and legally scheduled.


The Police Commission is a 3-member board of town residents appointed to the board by the Town Council. Current members are:

  • Police Chief
  • Pete Duda
  • Mike Orlich
  • John Schnadenberg


The members each serve a 3-year term of appointment, however the terms of service are staggered in order that a term expires every year.


A member of the police commission can be a republican, democrat, or independent, however there can be no more than 2 members of the same party affiliation on the board at any time.

About the Commission

The primary purpose of the Police Commission is to serve as a policy setting board and disciplinary authority.

The Police Commission approves the various policies and standard operating procedures that govern the actions of a police department.

The members are responsible for hearing all cases of officer misconduct and administering disciplinary actions ranging from suspensions to demotions and terminations.