Keep Chesterton Beautiful


It's our responsibility to Keep Chesterton Beautiful. Not only is trash or litter unsightly, it contributes to water pollution. The top trash is found along the roads are plastics and cigarette butts.

For more information about Keeping Chesterton Beautiful (PDF)

Check out this video created in 2010 by Chesterton High School students, Jake Webb, Kristen Pesut, and Mike Lara from teacher Matthew Waters' Advanced TV class.

Recycle Your Latex Paint

Hopkins Ace Hardware now offers latex paint recycling. For a minimal fee you can drop off unwanted latex paint. Although latex paint is considered non-toxic, it is still made-up of potentially toxic chemicals.

The paint is collected and taken to a facility in Grayslake, Illinois where it is separated and bulked into 55 gallon drums. It is either processed into new, usable latex paint or made into a filler product used in the manufacturing of concrete.

Hopkins Ace Hardware is located at:

325 S. Calumet Road

Chesterton, IN 46304