1. Building Permits & Applications

    Browse through building permits and applications for commercial remodels, demolition, signs, and more.

  2. Business Directory

    Get a list of local businesses in the town.

  3. Business Registration

    Register your business with the town.

  4. Chamber of Commerce

    Review information about the Chamber of Commerce of Chesterton and how to become a member.

  5. Chesterton Riverfront Development Project

    Learn about the Chesterton Riverfront Development Project to promote economic development in the community.

  6. Comprehensive Plan

    Read the Chesterton Comprehensive Plan.

  7. Economic Development

    Obtain information about economic development growth in the community.

  8. Entrepreneur's Guide

    Peruse through the Entrepreneur's Guide to help be a successful entrepreneur in the town.

  9. Financial Incentives

    Access details about the different financial incentives available for businesses.

  1. Geographic Information System

    Discover the town using the available geographic information system (GIS).

  2. Place to Work

    Figure out why Chesterton is a great place for businesses.

  3. Recycling

    Gather information about the recycling requirements for businesses.

  4. Runoff Control

    Gain details on how to control runoff during construction and post-construction.

  5. Town Code & Ordinances

    Take a look at the codes and ordinances active in the town.

  6. Town Profile

    View a profile of Chesterton.

  7. Transportation

    Explore the town using available transportation methods.

  8. Zoning Map

    Review the Zoning Map of the town.

  9. Chesterton Fiber Optic Network (CFON)