Boards & Commissions

  1. Board of Zoning Appeals

    Gather information about the Board of Zoning Appeals and the purpose they serve in the community.

  2. Parks & Recreation Board

    Learn about the responsibilities and meetings of the Parks and Recreation Board.

  3. Plan Commission

    View information about the Plan Commission.

  4. Police Commission

    Access meeting information and responsibilities of the Police Commission.

  5. Redevelopment Commission

    Obtain details about when the Redevelopment Commission meetings, who their members are, and the service they offer to the community.

  6. Storm Water Management Board

    Gain details about the responsibilities of the Storm Water Management Board.

  7. Tax Abatement Committee

    Find details about the duties of the Tax Abatement Committee.

  8. Tree Board

    Peruse details about the Tree Board services, members, and responsibilities.

  9. Utility Service Board

    Discover the duties of the Utility Service Board.