1. Building & Development

    Learn about building or developing something in the town and what requirements there are.

  2. Business Directory

    Browse information about the local businesses.

  3. Financial Incentives

    View information about the financial incentive services available.

  4. Fire

    Get information about the fire department and the services it provides.

  5. Frequently Asked Questions

    Read questions that are commonly asked to the town.

  6. Geographic Information System

    Explore the community using the geographic information system (GIS).

  7. Grants & Loans

    Obtain information about grants and loans in the community.

  8. Notification Subscription

    Sign up for town notifications.

  9. Police

    Find out what services are offered by the Police Department.

  10. Recreation

    Experience the town services through recreation, parks, trails, and more.

  1. Refuse & Recycling Pick Up

    Gather details on when refuse and recycling pick up is in the town.

  2. Report a Problem

    Submit a report of a fire, street, storm water, or police problem.

  3. Request for Information

    Place a request for information through the town.

  4. Sanitation

    Access information about the sanitation services offered in the town.

  5. Storm Water Quality

    Gain information about the storm water services in the town.

  6. Streets

    Take a look at the street services done by the town.

  7. Transportation

    Move around the town with different methods of transportation.

  8. Waste Water Utility

    View details about the waste water utilities in the town.

  9. Yard Waste Drop-Off Site

    Learn where to drop off your yard waste.